"I can't begin to describe what Nought to Five has meant to our family over the past 8 and a half years.  But I'll try...  a second family and home way from home; an adventure every day; a space to catch up or make new friends; to learn, and not just the kids, from our loving, wise, fun and approachable teachers; an awesome outside place to play with new activities every day; a place where you encourage kids to try new things, like jumping from a height, learn how to cut with a knife, ride a bike at top speed and just have fun; a nurturing, exciting and safe outdoor and indoor oasis for our precious kids to grow and explore. From the very first day to the very last - we have always felt so welcome and part of the broader Nought to Five family. We will miss you all so much.   Maeve, Oddvar, Mia and Amy

"There are no words that can express how grateful we are for all the 4 years we spent together, laughed & cried together & most of all grew together!  From now on, at each step of our way, we will take a piece of each one of you along with us" - Tatiana, Matthias, Anna, Thomas

"Thank you all so much for the wonderful start you have given Hannah.  We are so grateful for your care and patience over the past 5 years.  Nought to Five has been a big part of our lives & we will miss you terribly"Sara & Matt

"For our family, it is the end of an era, as we say farewell to your wonderful centre, now that Morgan & Claire finally have moved on to "big school"!  We truly value the time our girls have spent in the fabulous environment you have created at Nought to Five & leave feeling the enormity of your contribution to the growth & development of both our girls.  We don't want to single any one of your staff out as they all do such a great job & have had a huge impact" - Angela, Conor, Morgan & Claire

"We wanted to express our family's immense gratitude to everyone at the centre for your commitment, creativity & concern for our children as individuals.  We appreciate the hard work of everyone at Nought to Five & feel extremely luck to have such a fantastic centre where the carers are above friendly, communicative, caring & understand & who show a real interest in our children's development.  It is such a joy & relief to drop Zac & Jasper off, knowing they are not just taken care of, but truly nurtured & fostered: - Linda, Dan, Zac & Jasper

"Words cannot express our thanks to you all for the last seven & a half years of wonderful care provided to Bailey & Keira.  It has been an absolute privilege being involved in the centre, both as a parent & as part of the management committee.  Our children have developed into interested, caring, thoughtful & confident "schoolies", which we are in no doubt is due to the care, love & attention they received whilst at the centre" - Jenny & Rob

"We have loved being in the Nought to Five family & wonder if we would ever find another such warm and loving community anywhere else.  We have recommended you to so many of our friends and we hope that you continue to inspire children like you have with our two" - Irene & David

"Lee, it has been an absolute pleasure to meet you & benefit from your leadership & direction of Nought to Five.  Your experience is evident in all that you do & you and Gabbie are an amazing team.  The centre has been perfect for Lachlan & I can't wait to have another year at Nought to Five.  As a parent, the MOST important thing is happy, cohesive staff who love their job & Nought to Five meets this each & every day.  Thank you for everything you do" - Penny, Randy & Lachlan