It is our commitment to provide a safe environment for children so that they can interact, explore, discover and learn and for Educators so that they can nurture and educate children in a safe and pleasant environment.

The learning spaces in each of our rooms and the outdoor environment are well organised to support relationships, enable children to express themselves in many facets and provide opportunities for self discovery and exploration. When planning for our environment, Educators take into consideration space, resources, visual aesthetics, creation of interest areas, rich and diverse learning opportunities and supervision to ensure our children feel a sense of belonging and are supported to become independent and confident learners.

Our rooms are not rearranged constantly so that our children feel consistency and familiarity in their environment and provide opportunities for children to revisit ideas and experiences.

Educators plan for and set up learning environments that provide children with freedom of choice, to be interactive and that reflect the diversity of our families and the wider community.

Safety checks are conducted by Educators each day to ensure a safe and well maintained environment and our WHS (Work Health & Safety) officer completes monthly audits.  Facilities are cleaned throughout the day as well as formal cleaning each night. Toileting and hand washing facilities are accessible from both our indoor and outdoor environments.