Toddler Room

 Our Toddler Room caters for children from 2 to 3.5 years of age and has 5 Educators and 20 children. That is a 1 to 4 ratio.

We recognise that toddlers are unique individuals who are naturally curious and eager to learn. We strive to foster a sense of belonging so that our toddlers feel confident becoming involved in experiences and within their environment, and develop an understanding that they are part of a community which enables them to act responsibly and fairly towards each other. Educators support this learning through role modelling and supporting our toddlers in their social interactions and managing emotions that arise from challenges in relation to communicating or solving problems.

The physical environment invites our toddlers to engage in play-based experiences in a versatile setting. Together with their educators and peers, toddlers are invited to investigate ideas and develop theories around their current interests using a great variety of resources.

Our educators plan and set up the room to encourage smaller groups of children at each activity area, allowing for co-operative play and in-depth investigation throughout the day. Resources are readily available on low shelves for the toddlers to access on their own and use at will, without having to ask for help or permission. Educators change resources according to children's expressed interest, intentional teaching plans based on observations taken of individual children or group, and family input. This ensures that resources and activities offered are relevant and interesting for the children.

We prepare toddlers for their transition to the Preschool Room through the fostering of self-help skills, toilet training, attending group times in the library, and building relationships with all educators in the shared outdoor environment.

We believe a partnership between educators and families enhances the toddler's overall development and wellbeing. This partnership is actively encouraged through our orientation process, day-to-day communication, email contact, phone conversations, and twice yearly parent/teacher meetings. We encourage all our families to share skills, ideas, resources, and aspects of their culture which help to enrich our program.