Preschool Room

 Our Preschool Room caters for children from 3 to 5 years of age with 5 Educators and 33 children. That is a 1 to 7 ratio.

In the Preschool Room we have three core values - caring for ourselves, caring for others and caring for the environment.  These values underpin the daily program, our room goals and the expectations we reinforce with the children.

We believe that early childhood education should not only prepare children for school, but for life.  The life skills we strive to foster are:-

  • Independence and being able to vocalise what they are feeling or need.
  • Open ended discovery.  We provide stimulus and tools and encourage the children in chartering their own direction.
  • Pro-social skills.
  • Confidence in themselves so they are willing to try new and challenging tasks.
  • Problem solving, creativity, imagination and independent thinking.

The organisation of our indoor learning environment reflects what is known about how young children learn, which is through play.  The environment is safe and has numerous resources, places and spaces to use, interesting things to see, hear and do.  Arrangement of the learning areas allows children to move freely, select activities and use a variety of materials on a variety of surfaces.  The program allows children the time to practice and achieve competence through familiarity.  There is a balance between individual play and small group work and those that are child or Educator initiated.  Language, music and movement also form an integral part of the daily program. Numeracy and literacy are incorporated on a daily basis through play based activities and through structured group/mat times, encouraging all children to join in.

We believe it is important for children to have time and space to develop their play skills supported by the attention of Educators.  This is why we choose to have two smaller groups with the Pre-School Room.  The higher staff child ratio in the Pre-School Room enables us to have 2 Educators with each group of 14 children, for the core part of each day.

Individual and group experiences are based on observations taken on each child and the group.  Goals are set and experiences intentionally planned which are then included on the weekly program for all children to participate in.  Our program is planned and evaluated weekly and reflects a balance of all aspects of development.  Children in the Pre-School Room are always encouraged to discuss their interests.  These interests are then investigated and incorporated into the educational program.  There are numerous ways in which families can contribute to our program and we appreciate the input.  Educators ensure there is an emphasis on sharing children's learning and their experiences with the families through room documentation, centre displays, individual journals and the daily room journal.