As a not-for-profit centre, all fees paid by families go directly to our staffing obligations and associated costs.

The Centre fees are set by the Management Committee each financial year, with a view to forecasting the obligations and associated costs for the Centre.

This fee is charged for the place, not the time, your child occupies the place and it includes morning and afternoon tea and a nutritious lunch which all meet the recommended dietary requirements.

The current fees, effective from 2nd July 2018 are:-

BABY ROOM  -  $129.00 per day

TODDLER ROOM  -  $127.00 per day

PRESCHOOL ROOM  -  $124.00 per day

Your family may be eligible to receive the Child Care Benefit (income tested) and/or the Child Care Rebate ($7,500 per financial year), either through a weekly reduction of fees or as a lump sum paid directly to you.  You will need to apply to Centrelink to apply for these benefits.

Security Deposit

A two week, full fee, Security Deposit is payable in advance upon accepting our offer of enrolment for your child.  If you increase or decrease your child's attendance days or there is a fee increase, the Security Deposit needs to be adjusted accordingly.  This deposit is fully refunded at the end of your child's time with us.