What’s Happening! – Evolving Interest in the Visual Arts

What began as one or two children working alongside an Educator & pursuing their interest in drawing, then painting self-portraits, has now evolved into an exciting large group interest as part of our project on “getting to know each other”.

Rather than simply providing materials for children to independently explore, Educators have been spending more time talking and working alongside children as they master the variety of materials and tools. As the children become more familiar and confident in their ability, Educators have been scaffolding the children’s learning by demonstrating, role modelling & intentionally teaching new art techniques such as fine drawing & painting with water colours.  We are seeing such a positive response from the children & great feedback from families & visitors to the room.

Our plan will be to continue to build upon this evolving interest with the intention of creating more of an ‘art studio’ to promote, provoke & build children’s confidence to create.  Children need time & repeated experiences with materials in order to develop a ‘relationship’ with the properties and the potentials of the materials.  The first stage in becoming familiar with art materials is the exploration stage.

The visual arts present young children with many opportunities to:-

Explore, Experiment, Make Meaning, Express Ideas, Collaborate With Others, Develop Imagination-Critical Thinking-Creativity, Develop small & large muscle skills in meaningful contexts, Co-ordinate their bodies to make marks & manipulate materials, Have lots of Fun.

When children participate in art experiences alongside supportive peers & Educators, there can be many opportunities for learning things such as:-

Motivation, Concentration, Problem Solving, Self-Discipline, Holistic Learning, Aesthetic Awareness and Developing Communication Skills.

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